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Behind the excitement of every school and college trips lies hours of planning for an Educator - from the choice of location to the itinerary , to ensuring that every thing goes off without the hitch . All this coupled with responsibility of ensuring the learning opportunities are maximized and the experience is memorable. The choice of partner is critical.

We understand the anxieties that go into a school trip, and the key requirements to make it a success. We recognize that every group has different needs and our strength lies in our skill in tailor – designing trips, precisely to your requirements of ability, duration, activity and cost. We have organized countless successful school trips across India and the world, to varied locations , with every trip designed to provide a substantial and unique adventure for young people ; filled with experiences of personal discovery and unforgettable , life –changing moments; We speak with confidence of our years of experience behind us and with the experience and expertise of our team of experienced , qualified and dedicated professionals who know how to interact with students and make them discover new learning experiences.

India is a fantastic destination for the students traveling for educational tour and excursions. The students may learn a lot about the age old stories of the various rural visited and ruled in India in the past thousand of years, see the architecture of the houses, forts and palaces etc. Such experiences on India educations tour will amaze the students and will give them vast knowledge on the relevant topics.

We offer a number of destinations for exciting school trips, including those for graduates. Choose from several sample itineraries for every kind of school travel. We fully customize every tour you choose, creating an experience that's truly once-in-a-lifetime.

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