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Central India Tour Packages

Central India Exotic Honeymoon
(08 Nights / 09 Days)
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Taj and Temple Tour Package
(03 Nights / 04 Days)
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Khajuraho Honeymoon Tour
(07 Nights / 08 Days)
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In central India we are focusing on Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, Orissa and Chhattisgarh. Madhya Pradesh is called the heart of India, not only because of its location in the centre of the country, but also because; it has been home to the cultural heritage of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam. Orissa is one of the most sacred states in India and basks under the memory of Ashoka the great. Travel to the land of one of the goriest battles (the war of Kalinga) of Indian history. Visit the Konark Temple where the ancient Indian architecture culminated to the construction of wonderful Sun temple and many other temples in Bhubaneswar and Puri. Spot a white tiger in Nandankanan. Gujarat is home to several architectural marvels, witnesses of its glorious history and pilgrim centres for many faiths. Finally, it is also the Land of several mythological & historical figures like the legendary Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi the apostle of non- violence.
Maharashtra is the most fascinating region of India. It is the state with rich cultural heritage and is a land of intense spirituality and religious faith. Bihar is famous as a pilgrimage place. With its close association to the Buddha's life, it has come to be known as the "Buddhist Circuit". The name 'Bihar' is derived from 'vihara', meaning Buddhist monastery. Apart from Buddhism, it is also a sacred place for Jains and Hindus. Etc.
Duration : 5 Nights / 6 Days
Cities : Cochin - Munnar - Periyar - Alleppey - Cochin.
Honeymoon in Kerala
Duration : 4 Night / 5 Days
Cities : Port Blair - Havelock Island - Port Blair.
Honeymoon in Andaman
Duration : 6 Night / 7 Days
Cities : Delhi - Shimla - Manali - Chandigarh - Delhi
Honeymoon in Himachal